Autumn Equinox: A time for intentions and celebration of the energy in this moment.

Fall Equinox. Autumn Equinox – Even though I am living in the northern hemisphere I still love attaching myself to the word Autumn which rolls off my tongue from my roots in New Zealand! This beautiful time of year as the leaves of summer start to turn and the beautiful larches start to glow golden on the high alpine treeline around Moraine Lake. It is a a pinnacle moment in the our year.

The Equinox is the time that the sun crosses the equator where the duration of our day and essentially night time are of equal length.  It divides the seasons and demonstrates the balance between night + day and dark + light. We all have to find that equilibrium where we accept the darkness and the light go hand in hand. It is our important role to maintain its balance to allow our energy to vibrate at it’s best. When out of balance we can experience depression, lack of creativity and also a lack of understanding within our self. We can feel emotionally foggy and chaotic.  We learn to let go of our leaves, our attachment to feelings or people that may be hindering our balance and experience a shift in energy to balance our prana, our life force energy, our true self.

Set intentions. These will carry you through Autumn until Spring. It could be an intention to learn something, an activity or more about yourself by diving deeper within. It could also be a chance to become closer to your partner by setting the intention to work on the relationship. Careers, friendships, self work and self love are all good intentions and are perfect for working on within fall which tend to be quieter months winding down from a busy summer. It is a personal choice when you create intentions, don’t let them be swayed by what anyone else is asking to achieve. Listen to your inner voice and your true intentions will ring true.

Harvest. Harvest the fruits of your labour, whether it be plants you planted in spring, or whether it is coming to an end of a project you started in Summer. Enjoy sitting back and feeling proud of the change you created and the results that it has bore.

Gratitude. Give yourself some gratitude by celebrating the seasons for they bring change. It is so easy to get caught up in a routine of being busy for the sake of being busy but how about giving yourself that gratitude for being where you are today and celebrate where you are heading. It is so important to take that step back and enjoy the moment, giving thanks to the hard work you have done – either self work within or in external activities and give thanks for where you stand in this moment.

Celebrate. Make an altar with beautiful leaves, and open up the four corners of polarity (East, South, West, North). Light a candle, smudge a blessing with some beautiful sage, pick out some flowers + crystals and use them to your advantage in your meditation. If you work with Tarot cards pull the ones that resonate with you most in relation with the planetary movements. Have a delicious Epsom salt bath with some beautiful essential oils. Go on, treat yourself! Cook yourself a fabulous meal – I made some delicious broccoli soup and toasted some ciabatta fresh from the bakery and shared it with Cody.


Fig 1: My beautiful bowl of Broccoli soup, I felt like making a green goddess soup! Topped with Hemp seeds, spring onions, black pepper and turmeric! All Plant based & Vegan!




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