Vibe Tribe Interview: Caity Cuffari

Caity is one of my dearest friends that I have met while living in Rocky Mountains in Canada. You know – one of those soul sisters that you meet and you instantly can’t stop talking and share so many common interests. The kind where you can be in fits of laughter or delving deep into spiritual chat or cooking up a vegan storm! I wanted to share stories from everyday people who have found their journey through life + spirituality and can give an everyday gal (+ or guy) an insight into living the conscious life! So enjoy reading my beautiful friends truth and I hope you take something away from it for yourself to add to the rhythm of your own beat.


Fig 1: My beautiful friend! I have so much love and gratitude for interviewing her on her life’s journey!

What is your age? 


What is your star sign?


What do you look for in a partner, what qualities would compliment your lifestyle?

“Oh that is such a fun one! I would have to say somebody who is empathetic, caring, grounded, a hard worker, adventurous + loyal.”

Do they have to match your spiritual beliefs?

“If they understand it and accept my desire to continue to learn and hold me up within that journey then no it doesn’t matter”

Out of all the amazing crystals, at the moment which is your favorite and what do you to use it for and how?

“Oh that’s another good one!! Right now I have been really focused on clear quartz for meditation and grounding. Also I have been working with Citrine because it’s the merchants stone and I’m currently in transition going back to school and that is supporting manifestation for my future and what I’m working towards.”


Fig 2: Citrine – The merchants stone. The stone of the mind. It is a beautiful crystal for manifestation and personal power. It is a member of the quartz family and can be a smokey tone with a light to dark yellow.  It resonates with the solar plexus to increase personal power and energy.

Are there any mantras or affirmations that you use regularly?

“Ohhh yeah!!! I make up my own affirmations based on what I need in my life right now.”

What does the word spirituality mean to you? 

“I think spirituality for me means that I am going on a path of greater good, one that brings me peace, joy and higher learning. Spirituality means that I am supported by my guides, my ancestors,  my past loved ones and that I am supported by my tribe to continue doing good work.”

And how do you apply those principles to your every day life?

“I think that a big one in my daily life is that I have daily rituals that I implement and that I have the desire to continue to practice because sometimes when you are going along your spiritual journey it can get overwhelming and its easy to shut it down rather than move it forward if its a scary place.”

Especially if it gets uncomfortable right?

“Yeah, and I think that in those times maybe you connect with one of the people within in your tribe and they lift you up giving you a bit more guidance towards that. That gives you the ability to stay curious and to continue on when it offers hard times in your life because often upon your spiritual journey your tested.”

At what point did spirituality start have meaning in your life, like did you experience something as a child or was it later in life?

“Well I grew up in a holistic home in which my mum was an acupuncturist. I received acupuncture nearly everyday, it helped me out a lot.  I used to get bad growing pains, and my mum is also a Chinese medicine Doctor. Later in life my sister got her Level 2 Reiki certificate and started practicing so  I always lived within in a home where especially what we put into our mouth, what we ate, was of great importance. When I chose to be vegetarian in the fifth grade it was supported so I guess I was raised in an open environment. It wasn’t until I was 20 when I moved to Lake Louise that I met a mentor named Catherine who was on her own spiritual path. She influenced me by incorporating daily meditation into my life and just within the 6 months of really getting to know her well I then identified with being on my own spiritual path. That all began in Lake Louise Alberta, Canada 7 years ago.”

Do you have any rituals or practices that you do each morning or night that help you live a more connected life?

“Ah very good. Yes! So every morning I shower (great for hygiene I said – we both laughed!) which also makes me feel fresh for my day and balanced. I fast until usually 11 am – I just feel like I don’t have the desire to eat in the morning. My practice really revolves around plants and crystals. Every morning I give gratitude and I choose a crystal to work with me throughout the day like it might be what I’m feeling I need support with.”


Fig 3: Plants help to improve the air quality in your home, they connect you with the natural world while still being inside and of course they also look aesthetically pleasing.

Do you take that with you throughout the day – like is it in your bra to keep it close to your skin?

“Yeah i keep  it in my pocket so its close by. I also do a meditation at night by Louise Hay (rest in peace Louise!) and positive affirmations are a part of my daily practice as well.”

What obstacles have you discovered or unlocked within yourself and what have you learnt along the way?

“Okay so I have discovered self love, I discovered the ability to speak kindly to myself and I have a greater sense of empathy.”

Which are all such amazing beautiful things.

“Yeah so beautiful, I have greater guidance on my path and I know I am supported along that journey by my guides and by my tribe. I feel like I am more present and that I live a life without judgement. I have learnt that I am a healer and have actually acknowledged that. But not only that, that everyone is a healer and everyone is a teacher.”

What would you say that your general emotion is right now,  like if you were to sum something up as joy love and light, or say distress, or anger depression for example.

“Like a number I would say a 7 out of 10”:

In terms of moving through that I guess with being in transition too, starting a new chapter in your life that is to be expected.

“Yeah ultimately at the moment I am feeling so grateful and overwhelmed by the love and the beauty of this town (Banff, Alberta, Canada) The remaining three is a little bit of sadness to leave that behind but also some anxiousness and excitement for moving forward”

Do you have any mentors or guides that are assisting you through this journey?

“Oh yeah, so right now I’m working with a healing guide who is supporting me with grounding, and also physical healing. I know that both of my grandfathers  have both been really present the last six months so they are watching over me from a practical point of view by giving me guidance on finance, transition and the important to dos in life and how to handle that. Arch Angel Raphael is always with me too.”

What does conscious living mean to you and how do you live consciously?

“Conscious living for me means that I am pursuing a life with the least impact on this earth that also has negative impact on humans, animals and our galaxy.”

By eating vegan and plant based foods that are also high vibrational for your soul?

“Yeah they are high vibe foods!! I choose to live this practice by eating a vegan lifestyle which I believe is the least cruel way to live my life, ethically that is how i feel best and also it has the least global impact on our environment.”

What is your favourite Vegan Plant Based food?

“Oh my goodness there’s so many!!!”

Well what would you say, especially if someone has never eaten vegan, what would be the best meal where they wouldn’t miss meat?

“I have a few favourite options – If they are a traditional meat eater you might want to make something hearty like a lentil shepherds pie. One of my favourites is a lighter meal from ‘Oh she Glows’ which is the ‘Chakra Ceasar Salad with a Cashew Ceasar Dressing’. Another fave would be to make a lentil walnut meat and make some tacos. I usually do the tacos with lettuce wrap because its a bit lighter and then add a cashew cream.”


Fig 4: Oh She Glows – is an amazing Vegan cookbook by Angela Liddon with easy vegan recipes that deliver big on flavour. If you are just starting out eating a plant based diet this recipe book is a MUST for you! Here is the link to her website

What direction is spirituality taking you? What do you want to achieve within yourself or the world around you?

“So I have had the blessing of receiving messages through visuals and colour.”

By visuals what do you mean? 

“Messages from spirits and guides, it could look like a photo or an image that just comes to my mind. Currently my spiritual path is exploring what that looks like a little bit more, how I can help others with that but also how i can continue to heal myself through that guidance, secondly i have been exploring Reiki and have been practicing Reiki for about a year now, although I was around it and interested in it for many years now.  I have been practicing more with friends like Lucy. I have been also healing myself through Reiki pretty much every day through common ailments like sore eyes (thumping in my ears), sore knees, period cramps and anxiety you know any of those manifestations that come up through my body I use Reiki to release the energy blocks and balance.”

Do you meditate and how often do you do so? And what is you favourite style of meditation?

“I meditate daily with a guided meditation with Louise L Hay every single day, and then I take myself through my  happy place meditation as well. I have done a little bit of work in the three worlds (lower, middle and upper) and I would like to explore more in the shamanic style of meditation.”

What other practices are you interested in and want to learn more to add to your spiritual toolbox?

“Eventually I would like to do my Ashtanga Yoga Teachers training and correspond it with a Yin Teachers Training. I would like to continue to become a Reiki master as I currently have my Level 2 certificate. I also love working with Tarot cards and as I continue to give readings to friends, family and myself I would like to explore what that looks like more. Eventually if spirit guides give me this space I would like to continue some work with medium ship.”

What are five tips that you can give to someone else embarking on a spiritual journey of their own?

  1. To work on your own balance within yourself before embarking on any work with others.
  2. Patience.
  3. To ask for guidance to know that you are always lifted up by your guides, and your ancestors. To not be afraid to ask for help as they are always there. They are literally there any time you ask. Don’t forget that.
  4. Explore. Whether that is travel or trying a new diet or open to a practice that a friend might be working towards. If there is an invitation to go to something that you wouldn’t usually go to such as a full moon ceremony and to do it. Be open!
  5. Persistence. Drive to continue on and don’t give up because its easy to just be like “Uh I don’t want to meditate today or Wow that was pretty scary and I don’t know if I’m ready for that”

And I have an extra one too:

  1. When the scary comes up within yourself or others to seek advice. There is always a mentor out there that can help you with that and guidance to unpack what is coming to you and advise you on how to deal with it in the future. If you have anyone who is willing to share that knowledge with you, embrace it with gratitude and show them that you are so lucky to have them in your life , visa versa!


Thank you so much Caity for your honest and raw interview about your journey this far, you are such a ray of light and I am sure you will continue to bring that ray of light with you through whatever your journey holds, so much love xx



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